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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kevin, Shelley & someone who writes like a doctor from Kelowna

"Thanks You 2 are swell" & I can't read the rest of the comments as they're written in Swahili or something.
"Had a great time! Couldn't get Kevin off. (the boat) Both of you are great fun. See you again on July 10th"

Happy Birthday Brittany from Calgary

"Brittany celebrated her 16th birthday with her friends from Calgary. They were out here playing in a soccer tournament (and hopefully won a few eh girls?)
"Thank you so much for taking me and my friends out on the lake. We had so much fun suntanning and jumping in the COLD lake!"
"Thank you so much! It was so fun and beautiful! You guys are so awesome and I hope to meet you again. You'll probably remember us as the birthday thongs!" Jane
"Thanks so much you guys! I had such a great time and you made it so much fun. Swimming was really sweet even if it was a little bit chilly!" Wendy
"Merci! That was soooo much fun" Caitlin
Thank you so much for everything. It was super fun. I will never forget this trip, it was amazing!" Ryanne

Bridal Photo Shoot

People thought I was getting married! Took out 3 girls all decked out along with a photographer and an assistant who also doubled as a groom
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