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Friday, May 01, 2009

2009! 11 YEARS ON THE JOB!

Here's the gold. Fortunately Ben didn't fall overboard as he was packing his own anchor! It was an interesting cruise learning of Bens experiences. He was in Kelowna for a charity golf tournament sponsored by the Good Samaritans and we were fortunate enough to have he and Moira spend some time with us before flying home to the coast. Moira was a coordinator for the golf tournament and works for the Good Samaritans out of Edmonton.
Here's Jo, Ben Rutledge GOLD MEDAL WINNER IN BEJING!, and Moira Mireault enjoying our first cruise of the year on the CAT'S ASS!
"Thank you so much for an amazing tour!! Your hospitality & knowledge of the area made for the perfect ending of a great day! I wish you all the lluck in the years to come & hope to be back to test the sails!" Moira (no wind out there today)
"What an amazing boat & experience. The Cats Ass truly is a great boat and wish you all the best in the coming season" Ben Rutledge, 2008 OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST in rowing Mens 8 from Cranbrook B.C.
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