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Monday, September 04, 2006

Sandy and Randal from Calgary and Bill and Marjorie from Toronto

Here's Bill, Sandy, Marjorie and Randal having fun. Sandy wanted to marry me for 2 months out of every year. Sounds like a heckofa deal eh? Thanks for joining me folks. Sandy was a little wobbly back on the dock. Must have been the wave action (in the wine glass). Sorry you didn't get to see Ogopogo but like I told you I caught and ate it.
"Fabulous! Captain Al is stellar!" {Wow pretty nice words eh?)
"This was our best cruise! Thanks Al"

Catherine,Jane,Victor,Agus and Simon from Jakarta

Looks like I missed a picture of someone! Catherine if you see this will you plse send me one of your pics w/ everyone in it?
These folks were friends back in Indonesia but now live in Vancr, L.A. and Edmonton. They hooked up here for a holiday long w/end. When asked how they ended up in Edmonton the reply was "by mistake".
Hard to tell these photo's fail to show the hangovers they were carrying around w/ them.

Here's Jane and Catherine. Are all the girls in Jakarta this beautiful???

Wanda and Rod Pidwerbeski from Kelowna celebrating 17 years together (married)

A 17th anniversary cruise. Wanda is an acquaintance from years ago who still looks exactly the same, lucky girl. I almost called her an old friend but she's younger than I am. We'll have to go out again when there's more wind besides mine! Wanda had a hard time believing all the gospel truth information I was feeding her.

An 11 a.m. toast (noon in Alberta)
"Thanks Al! Ooops Captain Al. Sorry I got a little too personal for a moment. Great morning & great company. We'll definitely be back"
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