Go With The Wind Cruises

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Charlie Fox,Michelle Oulette and Zach & Tannis Krause from Saskatchewan

Another blustery night but stopped at Traders Cove for a swim. Poor Charlie was threatened with death by drowning if he didn't get in. The water is now 76 degrees so it wasn't too hard on his system. Here's a shot on the homeward leg with some bubbly to ward off the chills.

Tamara & John Rowley and Naomi & Randy Martin from Vancouver Wash.

Another windless morning. What's up with this? No wind all day and howling at night. We did manage to see one of the resident eagles though and it was a cooker by noon!
"We had a great time Al. Thanks for taking us out and showing off the beautiful lake. See you next time in Canada and hope we can sail!"
"Thanks Al! This was great. We really enjoyed out time on the lake...too bad there wasn't any wind, but it was wonderful anyway!"
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