Go With The Wind Cruises

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Greg and Leslie from Ottawa and Sarah,Jessica and Murray from Kelowna

It was a very blustery outing to say the least. The wind was out of the North and lots of pretty good white capped waves. We didn't use the mainsail but stuck to a partial genoa. Capt. Greg did a marvelous job on the helm although there was little he could do with the weather conditions we had. He seemed to love playing pirate though.

Arrrrrrgh Matey. All Greg needs is a patch over his eye! (also that open hand should have a bottle of Capt. Morgan in it)

Sarah,Leslie, and Jessica. Hang on ladies. (It got a lot rougher than this before we got back in)

Here's Leslie, Greg, Jessica, Sarah and Murray after we got back in in one piece. We came back into the yacht club to avoid having to tie up the boat twice. The docking was the quietest part of the sail.

Canne and Laura

Not a lot of wind today but great company.
"Thanks it was very nice". "Thanks we enjoyed our excursion".
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