Go With The Wind Cruises

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Kylie,Jamie,and Pam from Beulah, Manitoba

Great people w/ a big cooler! Kylie is cooking at Mission Hill Winery and is single! That's a great combination. Enjoy your time in Kelowna.

"What a wonderful day. Thank you,thankyou,thankyou".
"Awesome ride,beautiful day. Thanks so much !!! It was excellent."
"Thank you soooo much Al! I really enjoyed my afternoon with you and jo,
you both have such a nack for what you do! I'm thinkin i may have to take
up sailing, marry rich, then own my own fleet.......

Thanks for all your great ideas and hints of where to visit. We checked out
hardy falls one night, then hiked knox mountain the next, it was gorgeous!

I'm sure we'll meet again, what unbelievable memories you create for people!

Kylie Evans" Thanks very much Kylie. This is one of the reasons I love what I'm doing.
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