Go With The Wind Cruises

Thursday, June 29, 2006


At last!!!! A great breeze and good company (I don't mean it's been a long time between good company but the wind has been scarce). The ladies were here from Edmonton for a couple of days to celebrate Serena's birthday. Their lodgings were in a tent in a fleabag campground surrounded by freaks and dopers. They've also figured out the art of celebrating except maybe for the wierd stuff they were drinking. They are also a quick study in using a porta potti. Good work girls you have a good aim.


Chris, Serena and Erin celebrating Serena's birthday
"Thanks for a wicked birthday trip".... Serena
"Thanks Captain Al!! This was definitely the highlight of my trip. Keep on Rockin in the Free World!!....Erin
"Thanks for the great ride. (not many girls say that to me) I really get to go home well relaxed now. You were awesome. Cheers!!! Chris
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