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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Judith,Marc,and Owen from Kelowna and Kris and Alanna from Detroit

Judith,Marc and Owen
Kris and Alanna from Detroit (too bad about those Red Wings eh?)
Judith and Owen... confined to the V berth "Thanks for a great afternoon" The Novakowski's

Arash and Magda from Vancr

Hola Al:

Thanks for sending the marvellous pictures; we enjoy very much been with you and beautiful Joanne.

Of course you can put the pictures on the web site and use our names, we already search for it and is nice and funny, very atracctive for tourist. As you and "The cat's ass" are already Kelowna icons we will be gratefull to share a piece of your fame.
By the way, many thanks for the lead we went to Christopher's and it was a delicious dinner.
I attached the bears on the road' pictures I am not sure about the quality but you will see, we saw them near Princeton.

Hope to see you again, good look with the taxes guy!

Magda and Arash

Parasailor landing above Traders Cove

Here are a couple of pictures of a sow black bear and her two cubs that Arash and Magda saw on the way up from the coast.

A beautiful morning (contrary to what the weather report had to say) and accompanied by my beautiful friend Joann the four of us sailed over to the old ferry docks and then down past Raymer Bay to Traders Cove and back down past Paul's Tomb and home. We were also fortunate to be able to see three parachutes descending from Blue Grouse Mntn and landing at Traders Cove.
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