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Friday, December 31, 2010


The CAT'S ASS is the flagship of "GO WITH THE WIND CRUISES" operating out of Kelowna, B.C. on Okanagan Lake.

The CAT'S ASS is a 1998 26' MacGregor sailboat with a Honda 50 hp engine. GO WITH THE WIND CRUISES began in 1998 as an alternative to having a real job and provided a way to avoid paying taxes. Since it's inception I have learned to lower my heartrate to 3 beats per minute and blood pressure is close to non existant. My current goal is to figure out how to write off all the wine that is consumed on board and to explain to the tax man how I manage to lose money every year and yet still gain weight.

This site is the log of the Cat's Ass with brief descriptions of the cruises as they occur and pictures of my guests beginning in May 2005. Obviously you won't get to see all the pictures of what goes on as this is a family site but it will show you some of the beautiful creatures that are entertained on board and help explain why Capt. Al is single (which also proves that women are smarter than men).
For those of you who have experienced a trip with Capt. Al and lived to tell about it you may add your comments. Bad comments will be treated as mutiny punishable by another cruise.
This is where you want to be! A collage made in 2008 by Capt. Al from 3 or 4 individual pictures



Taken at the Variety Club's Boat for Hope. A pirate themed charity for special needs kids that took place on Okanagan Lake on June 21st. This picture was taken at the auction / banquet, for the sponsors and volunteers that took part in this great fun event. Around $17,000 was raised for the kids and the Boys and Girls club. This is the 2nd year for this event and we went from 60 kids in 2007 to 260 this year!
Those are bells in my handlebar moustache which I put on the auction block and raised $100 for the privilege of cutting them off. (not to mention the bottle of rum we won!)
Check out our Costa Rica blog at

CHECK OUT OUR COSTA RICA BLOG AT http://chickenbussesbackpacks.blogspot.com

I came across this gopher snake about a quarter of a mile off Bear Creek Provincial Park. This one was about 3' long but they reach lengths up to 6' and are on the "Blue List"


this buck was standing up above the doe and fawns
There were two does but I was only able to get one in the picture

The Cat's Ass taken from Raymer Bay
Here's mother merganzer and her offspring

Taken during an evening cruise

Osprey nest with adult on a branch and young in the next
Pushing one of the new floating sections of the bridge into a temporary mooring prior to being placed into position
This deer was spotted just past Paul's Tomb

This photo is a compilation of 18 layers that I did on photoshop

Getting ready for the BOAT FOR HOPE charity/pirate day next Sat. June 16th. This is your captain getting in the mood. This event will be the first one held in Kelowna where the kids and their helpers will enjoy a ride on the lake and collect "booty" from sailboats anchored at five different points. The Cat's Ass will be taking pictures of the event so stay tuned to see how it goes.

Check this out eh? This is a prototype boat running a Penske racing engine

Here's a shot of the Tolko tug beginning to tow another boom to the mill.


This is a unique way to use your waterfront! The tent on the right is a bedroom, the middle one a living room, and the one on the left is a kitchen complete w/ microwave,fridge, table, stove etc. Can you imagine spending the night in the bed beside the lake w/ the flaps up so you can hear the water lapping on the shore at your feet? In the fall the tents come down until next Spring when they come back out. Originally I thought maybe they rented these out as a b&b but the owner informed me one day as I was passing by that they use if for themselves. Very creative!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a few of the many beautiful homes that can be seen while following the shoreline. These are on the Westside Rd. across the lake from Kelowna. (and no I don't know what they're worth or what the owners do for a living.

This is the tugboat from Tolko mill hauling a boom of logs from the log dump back to the mill. Clicking on the picture will enlarge it and make it more visible.

This is Bear Creek Campground w/ the canyon in the background

This is a young red tailed hawk looking for lunch

TOURISTWARNING........... The notorious pirate Capt. Keatin Bliss has been seen in the waters off the coast of Kelowna!!!!

Tugboat Bay during Wakefest 2006.

A view of the lake and the hills in the background where the fire occurred three years ago.

Even the deer have to cool off when it hits 35 degrees

Fresh salad for lunch

A bald eagle near Paul's Tomb

One of the paragliders landing at Traders Cove

Sailboats lining up to honour our Commodore during sailpast 2006

A fixer upper....Actually this boat was stolen and made it about 1 mile before hitting this dock. The two culprits managed to escape (although they must have been pretty bruised up judging by the impact). It's my guess they pushed the throttle wide open and then jumped overboard.

Nice parking job

Reflections of the chute
Downwind during the Commodores Cup Aug 27th

Sunset Cruise
How not to land a float plane
Hitching a ride on a "bad hair day"
Merganzer and 11 little McNuggets
Hope it floats
Tug boat retrieving a boom from Traders Cove to tow back to the mill
The endangered bridge in the up position. Installed in 1958 and the bain of all the traffic
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