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Friday, December 31, 2010


The CAT'S ASS is the flagship of "GO WITH THE WIND CRUISES" operating out of Kelowna, B.C. on Okanagan Lake.

The CAT'S ASS is a 1998 26' MacGregor sailboat with a Honda 50 hp engine. GO WITH THE WIND CRUISES began in 1998 as an alternative to having a real job and provided a way to avoid paying taxes. Since it's inception I have learned to lower my heartrate to 3 beats per minute and blood pressure is close to non existant. My current goal is to figure out how to write off all the wine that is consumed on board and to explain to the tax man how I manage to lose money every year and yet still gain weight.

This site is the log of the Cat's Ass with brief descriptions of the cruises as they occur and pictures of my guests beginning in May 2005. Obviously you won't get to see all the pictures of what goes on as this is a family site but it will show you some of the beautiful creatures that are entertained on board and help explain why Capt. Al is single (which also proves that women are smarter than men).
For those of you who have experienced a trip with Capt. Al and lived to tell about it you may add your comments. Bad comments will be treated as mutiny punishable by another cruise.
This is where you want to be! A collage made in 2008 by Capt. Al from 3 or 4 individual pictures


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