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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lori and Kyle Scriver and Mark from Kelowna

A howling night complete w/ rope burns. (wear gloves Al) Although the wind was quite gusty we managed to tie up in Raymer Bay and went for a swim. Capt. Kyle kept us off the rocks.
"Al, this was my maiden voyage on a sailboat. Had an awsome time with you,Lori and Kyle. Cheers Mark"
"That was fun. Thanks Al". Kyle Scriver
"Thanks Al. I had an awesome time" Lori Scriver
"Hi Al,
I wanted to thank you again for all the fun last night. We all had a
wonderful time. The pictures look great.

You are a very kind and generous person.
All the best.
Lori :-)" ...... Thanks Lori You guys were great company even w/ Marks singing


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